Greenline Group comprises Greenline Kimya Ticaret ve Nakliyat Ltd Şti, Greenline Production, Greenline High Purity, and Hayat Kimya Holding B.V..

The group brings together expertise in industrial chemical distribution, spray drying, blending and manufacture of industrial chemicals, biostimulants and micronutrients which are used in many different industry sectors. Read more

Our team work closely with customers to build long-lasting relationships, and support them in the R&D and processes with our specialist knowledge, R&D facilities and established supply chain. Read more about our Brand Values and Key Staff.

Dirk-Jan Verenjans heads up Greenline Group and founded Greenline Chemicals in 1990. Developing strong relationships with chemical manufacturers across Europe, China, India, South America, Russia & the Far East means we import industrial chemicals directly into our warehouses at Rotterdam Port, Almere, Mersin and Wolverhampton, for direct distribution to customers across the globe.
Greenline Kimya Ticaret ve Nakliyat Ltd Şti gives our customers direct supply of Soda Ash, Sodium Bicarbonate and other industrial chemicals that are manufactured by the turkish chemical manufacturer Eti Soda and Sisecam and Caustic Soda from Kaustik Europe B.V.

Greenline Production joined the group in 2009 which added toll spray drying, liquid and powder blending for customers across Europe as well as the manufacture of de-icers, acetates, formates, propionates, lactates and chrome chemicals. Its eight-acre site is located in Urmond, Netherlands

Greenline High Purity’s dedicated clean room supplies, packs and blends Acids, Alkalis, Performance Etches, Cleaners and Developers to BP, NF, AR, Electronic, VLSI & ULSI standards. 

Tepe Kimya Europe Ltd extended the Group’s offering in 2016 to include next generation biostimulants and micronutrients for agriculture and horticulture industries across Europe, North America, South America, The Middle East and Asia. Manufactured using a unique process that is both heat and chemical free they include calcium and zinc products as well as meeting GHS and CLP regulations. Read mor