Chitosan is one of the few cationic polymers in nature.

Chitosan is a natural carbohydrate extracted from the shell of shrimps.

It can be used as an organic biofungicide as it is listed as a ‘Basic Substance’ by the EU (regulations 1107/2009).

In agriculture, it can be used as a biostimulant to promote stress resistance, activate plant defences and improve the efficacy of co-applied chemicals and microbials.

It can be used by both conventional and organic farmers.

Chitosan is a potent elicitor of plant defence mechanisms. Plants detect chitosan as ‘non-self’ and signal that a pest or pathogen is attacking them. The crop plant itself defends against the pathogen, rather than direct biocidal activity, which is how conventional fungicides work.

Because of this mode of action, chitosan is best used preventatively rather than curatively. 

In other industries, chitosan is used as a flocculant or colloid in the manufacture of biopolymers.
Our product is agricultural grade and not suitable for pharmaceutical or cosmetic applications.
5% Chitosan Hydrochloride

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