Greenline Group is a leading EU supplier of high-quality Fulvic Acid, extracted from German Leonardite. 

We are also a Fulvic Acid distributor, covering the UK, Ireland and Europe offering the product packed in 25kg bags


A water-soluble powder, this is an extremely powerful bio-stimulant containing a minimum of 85% water soluble fulvates.  Also available as a liquid (29% fulvates). 

Multiple benefits include:

• Chelates plant nutrients to improve uptake

• A low molecular weight means that fulvates penetrate cell membranes, stimulating plant enzymatic processes and transporting chelated metals to the inner parts of the plant

• Improves germination

• A valuable source of carbon for soil microorganisms

• Improves soil condition

Generally applied as a foliar treatment to the growing plant for maximum efficiency and can be easily tank mixed with trace elements and other foliar feeds. 

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