Greenline Production is based in Kent and supplies the R&Dmanufacturing, spray drying, packaging and blending operations of the Greenline Group.

We are Europe’s largest provider of specialist drying services to the chemical industry. With years of experience in spray drying and other drying techniques, we offer customers many options to their drying problems. These include spray dryingspray coolingvacuum drying, calciningliquid blending, and powder blending.

We work with clients’ R&D teams across Europe and help them to advance their product development. Our flexible setup and approach mean we are able to respond to our customer’s needs by providing tailored solutions. We are able to support both fast turnaround projects as well as longer-term development processes with our ability to take product development from the initial laboratory testing through a pilot plant phase and into commercial-scale production.

We have an extensive range of speciality tri-valent chromium compounds which we supply to industries worldwide. These are available in both liquid and powder form to suit a wide range of applications including catalyst manufacture, dye manufacture, oil drilling fluids, adhesive preparations, metal treatment and plating.

We also have wide range of speciality metal salts including sodium, potassium and calcium-based products. These are typically used in a wide range of industries such as food, animal feed production, pharmaceutical and general chemicals.

We also manufacture a range of de-icers, acetates, formates, propionates, lactates and chrome chemicals.