Manganese ammonium citrate (MnAC) is a chelated form of manganese.

Being readily biodegradable and naturally alkaline it is ideally suited to situations where manganese sulphate or EDTA-Mn is not suitable.

Manganese ammonium citrate contains 10.3% manganese (W/V) chelated with organic acids, plus 6.4% nitrogen and 6.0% sulphur.

Manganese ammonium citrate is a salmon pink coloured liquid with a mild ammonium odour (also available as a spray-dried powder if required for powder blending).

Manganese is an essential plant micronutrient which is a key component of many important metabolic processes.

In particular, it is crucial as an enzyme co-factor for the catalysis of many redox reactions in photosystem II and nitrogen assimilation.

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Technical Grade
40%Highly soluble spray-dried powder

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