Greenline Group is a leading EU supplier of Phosphoric Acid packed in 1000 Litres.

We are also a Phosphoric Acid distributor, covering the UK, Ireland and Europe.

Food-grade phosphoric acid (additive E338) is used to acidify foods and beverages such as various colas and jams, providing a tangy or sour taste. Soft drinks containing phosphoric acid, which would include Coca-Cola, are sometimes called phosphate sodas or phosphates.

Specific applications of Phosphoric Acid include:

  • In anti-rust treatment by phosphate conversion coating
  • As an external standard for phosphorus-31 nuclear magnetic resonance.
  • In phosphoric acid fuel cells.
  • In activated carbon production.
  • In compound semiconductor processing, to etch Indium gallium arsenide selectively with respect to indium phosphide.
  • In microfabrication to etch silicon nitride selectively with respect to silicon dioxide.
  • As a pH adjuster in cosmetics and skin-care products.
  • As a sanitizing agent in the dairy, food, and brewing industries.

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1000L IBC
Technical GradeFood Grade
Custom Dilution85%

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