Greenline Bio’s Phosphorus Liberator dissolves phosphorus locked up in the soil as calcium phosphate and makes it available to plants.

Phosphorus fertilizers are banned or restricted in many countries, but Greenline Bio’s Phosphorus Liberator allows you to ensure plants meet their phosphorus needs without applying phosphates.

Phosphorus Liberator is far more effective and reliable than microbial products that claim to free bound phosphorus and is effective within a wide temperature range. 

The product is biodegradable, contains no heavy metals and is not classified as hazardous to the environment.

The carboxylic acid technology in Phosphorus Liberator will also aid plant growth by;

  • Releasing soil-bound manganese
  • Acting as a molecular shortcut in the Kreb’s Cycle once absorbed by the plant
  • Feeding saprotrophic fungi which will degrade organic matter in the soil and release other bound nutrients (especially important for sulphur and boron).        

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