Greenline Group is a leading EU supplier of Potassium Acetate packed in 25kg bags & bulk bags.

We are also a Potassium Acetate distributor, covering the UK, Ireland and Europe.

Potassium Potassium Acetate can be used as a de-icer to remove ice and prevent its formation. It offers the advantage of being less aggressive on soils and much less corrosive, and for this reason is preferred for airport runways. Potassium acetate is the extinguishing agent used in Class K fire extinguishers because of its ability to cool and form a crust over burning oils.

It is used in the following products:

  • washing & cleaning products
  • fertilisers
  • pH regulators and water treatment products
  • cosmetics and personal care products

Potassium Acetate is also used as a food additive as a preservative and acidity regulator.

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