Greenline Group is a leading European supplier of Trisodium Phosphate Chlorinated packed in 25, 200, 220 and 1000 Litres, 25kg bags and bulk bags and bulk loads.

We are also a Trisodium Phosphate Chlorinated distributor, covering the UK, Ireland and Europe.

Trisodium phosphate chlorinated is a granular or crystalline solid.
TSP is highly soluble in water producing a solution that is used in cleaning agents, lubricants, food additives, stain removers and degreasers.
The TSP Chlorinated powder, when dissolved in water, releases chlorine which acts as a santitizer, softener and deodorizer.

The pink grade of TSP chlorinated acts as a useful indicator as colour changes from pink to grey when bacteria persist in the system or equipment.
If the solution remains pink at the end of the circulation or cleaning process this means sanitization is complete.

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